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Rebuilding Nepal through Trade

Rebuilding Nepal through Trade -- Look for Prayer Flags while Shopping

Dear wonderful, generous Customers,

I am writing to thank you for your support of a project that has been very close to my heart for the last year and a half. In the aftermath of the massive earthquake that struck Nepal in April 2015, DharmaCrafts launched a project to aid the victims of this tragic disaster. We called our initiative Rebuilding Nepal through Trade, and it began in the fall of 2015.

Following the earthquake, we were advised by relief workers on the ground in Nepal that the best way for DharmaCrafts to help was to continue trading with Nepal even though many factories were severely damaged and the supply of goods from Nepal was expected to be erratic and uncertain for a long time. The Nepalese people needed to get back to work and to their usual rhythm of life in order to recover from the trauma and begin rebuilding their country and their lives. We decided to use our business to benefit the victims of this terrible disaster.

Rather than decreasing our product offerings from Nepal due to the unstable conditions, we instead increased our offering of Nepalese products and prominently featured them in our Holiday 2015 catalog and website. We announced our Rebuilding Nepal through Trade initiative and our commitment to donate 5% of sales revenues to earthquake relief efforts. And, we drew your attention to two outstanding organizations working in Nepal through whom we channeled our donations — Roshi Joan Halifax's Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund (NERF) through Upaya Zen Center and Save the Children.

You rose to the challenge and generously ordered many, many Nepalese products. Although some products didn't arrive right away due factory damage and an unofficial fuel embargo by the Indian government, you kept the faith and patiently waited for your Nepalese products to arrive. You will be happy to learn that although the Nepalese people have suffered terribly from this disaster, conditions are slowly improving in Nepal.

On December 31, 2016 our Nepal project officially ended. Due to your support of Nepalese artisans and Rebuilding Nepal through Trade, DharmaCrafts was able to donate $12,224.00 to relief efforts. Upaya Zen Center's Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund (NERF) used these funds to deliver direct medical care to people in remote regions of the Himalayas, to provide truckloads of food, blankets and sanitary products, and to construct a temporary shelter for the nuns of Bigu Gompe, as well as many other forms of humanitarian aid. I feel very happy that together we were able to benefit the victims of this terrible disaster.

Going forward, DharmaCrafts intends to continue supporting Nepal through Roshi Joan Halifax's Nomads Clinic which brings medical supplies and treatment to people in Nepal's most remote regions. I hope you will go online to to learn about this inspiring example of engaged Buddhism.

Once again, thank you for your support of our work. Your generosity has benefited not only our Nepalese artisans and their families, but hundreds of people affected by the earthquake.

Warm regards,
Dyan Eagles
CEO & Founder of DharmaCrafts


To Donate Directly:

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We hold the people of Nepal in Our Heart. ♡