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Learn More About Kapok and Buckwheat

What is kapok? How do I choose between a buckwheat-filled zafu (round meditation pillow) and a kapok-stuffed zafu?

Kapok is a soft natural fiber from the Kapok tree which is found in Thailand and Indonesia. Naturally silky and resilient, it is the traditional stuffing for sitting cushions. Those who meditate in the seiza or kneeling position may prefer a kapok cushion because it can be turned on its side to provide additional height. Some people who have sat on kapok-stuffed cushions for years prefer the traditional feel. We hand stuff our kapok zafus so that they will not collapse after a few sittings. Be forewarned, they arrive round and hard and must be broken in!

Our buckwheat zafu is filled with buckwheat hulls and is the preferred meditation cushion of most new practitioners. The buckwheat zafu needs no break-in period and feels like sitting on sand at the beach. It provides good support while molding to your posture. After several years of use, the buckwheat may start to lose some of its body. Our zafus can be conveniently rejuvenated by adding a bit more buckwheat hulls which can be ordered from DharmaCrafts for minimal cost.

Whatever your choice, rest assured that your hand-made DharmaCrafts cushion is built to last a lifetime with premium materials, double-stitched seams, and careful assembly by trained craftspeople who pay close attention to every detail.