Tell a friend about I noticed that many of your zen garden statues are made of resin. What is resin?

I noticed that many of your zen garden statues are made of resin. What is resin?

About our Resin Garden Statues

Most of our resin garden statues were originally carved by village craftspeople in Bali. And, each village still receives a percentage from the sale of each statue. Each statue is cast, finished, and packed by hand in the U.S conforming to California's strict environmental laws.~


Resin is a remarkably durable substance that is fast becoming the material of choice for the production of garden ornaments. Resin has the appearance of metal and the feel of wood. It is much lighter in weight than concrete or stone and offers heightened detail.

We chose a beautiful rust patina for the garden statues and allowed them to weather for several months before photographing them. We know you will be extremely pleased with the beauty and workmanship of these images.

Caring for your Resin Statue

Your resin garden statue may be placed outdoors in your contemplative garden or indoors on your altar. If you place your resin garden statue indoors, you'll want to rinse off the fine surface dust. This is best done by placing the statue in your shower or by hosing it down.

You may leave your garden statue outside in the winter, although we choose to bring ours indoors here in the Northeast. Because the extreme cold or heat can damage the statue, we recommend that you not place your statue on a surface that absorbs a lot of heat in the summer (like blacktop), and rather place it in an area with some shade. We also recommend that you place your statue on a stone base. A stone base not only raises the statue and protects it from weed-whackers and lawn-mowers, but also provides a base that won't hold moisture that could freeze in the winter and cause the statue to crack. If left outside, your statue will weather and develop a unique character all its own. And, with proper care, you can expect your resin garden statue to last many years.