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Our Precious Human Life

Life is fragile, like the dew hanging delicately on the grass, crystal drops that will be carried away on the first morning breeze.

–Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (from Offerings, #BK307)

This teaching is part of a series focusing on Our Precious Human Life. Recognizing and embracing this gift is one of the first steps on the gradual path to enlightenment.

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Our Precious Human Life

It is not easy to be reborn as a human being. It is rarer than for a one-eyed turtle, who rises to the surface only once every hundred years, to push his neck through a wooden yoke with one hole that floats on the surface of the wide ocean.

–Buddha Shakyamuni (from Offerings, #BK307)


This is our second teaching in a series focusing on Our Precious Human Life. Recognizing and embracing this gift is one of the first steps on the gradual path to enlightenment.

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Our Precious Human Life

The first thing upon which we should meditate is our precious and fleeting human life, hard to obtain, and easy to destroy; I will now give it meaning.

— Kalu Rinpoche (from Offerings, #BK307)

Buddhism teaches that being born in a human body is a very rare and precious event, one that may never occur again. Buddha likened it to the chances of a sea turtle who comes up for air every hundred years putting his head through a yoke that is floating by in the ocean. Only as human beings do we have the conditions necessary to practice the dharma and cultivate wisdom. So how do we make use of this precious human life? Do we use it to only follow our desires, or do we use it to practice meditation and help others? What is the purpose of our life? These are very important questions, and they form the ground that our meditation practice rests on.

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The Four Contemplations

“Let us reflect on what is truly of value in life, what gives meaning to our lives, and set our priorities on the basis of that.”

–H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama (from Offerings, #BK307)


This year we are organizing our Thursday teaching emails into four important Buddhist topics for contemplation.

  • Our precious human life
  • Impermanence
  • Karma, or the Law of Cause and Effect
  • The Nature of Samsara

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