About Us

A warm hello to all of you! I started DharmaCrafts as a way to pass on the gifts I received from my teacher, Zen Master Seung Sahn. He taught me the practice of meditation, gave me a Great Question — What am I? — And, he gave me the aspiration to attain my true self and help others. Since 1979, the mission of DharmaCrafts has been to provide the dharma community with teaching and products to support spiritual practice and inspire everyday life.

The DharmaCrafts Story

DharmaCrafts began as a fantasy of right livelihood on a long solo meditation retreat on an island off the coast of Maine. I was a young student of Zen Master Seung Sahn's and I had gone off to look deeply into some of the fundamental questions that human beings ask themselves. Upon returning home to the Cambridge Zen Center, I spent $10 for fabric and stitched up some meditation pants to sell. Never did I imagine, as I nailed the first DharmaCrafts flyer to a pole in Harvard Square, that I would spend the next three decades reluctantly scrambling to acquire the necessary business skills and savvy required of a catalog executive.

So much has changed since the early years when I stuffed each zafu myself and faithfully recorded every sale by hand in a red ledger. The dharma has proliferated throughout America. Meditation has now become a household word. And DharmaCrafts has grown from a tiny mind seed into a thriving business. But the original vision of DharmaCrafts has remained the same. We are dedicated to serving as a vehicle for the transmission of the dharma by offering the very best teaching materials related to Buddhist practice.

We strive to inspire your spiritual practice by providing the highest quality meditation supplies. And, we continue to support Buddhist artists and craftspeople, particularly in the U.S.A., by developing a venue for their work.

All of us at DharmaCrafts are grateful for your support. You have allowed us to earn our living at work that is meaningful to us and directly connected to our spiritual practice.

We hope you enjoy our online catalog. We enjoyed creating it and we hope to hear from you soon.

In the dharma,

Dyan Eagles



DharmaCrafts' Staff, from top left clockwise: Wendy, Lorna, Simone, Jackie, John, Michelle, Dyan, Arturo and Flor



From top left clockwise:

  • Dyan once stuffed all of the kapok  zafus — outside — even in the winter! (c.1979)
  • The cover of our first brochure.  We started out making drawstring pants (and shorts) for meditation (1979)
  • Dyan graces the DharmaCrafts Catalog cover (c.1988)
  • His Holiness the Dalai Lama sitting on very large cushion made by DharmaCrafts! This photo fills us happiness and gratitude. We're so happy and grateful to make cushions for you every day since 1979.
  • Flor, DharmaCrafts' amazing production manager and Dyan, DharmaCrafts' beloved founder & president, with the custom-made, 40 lb seat cushion used by His Holiness the Dalai Lama during his 2013 visit to Louisville, Kentucky
  • DharmaCrafts keeping it current — Liz Lemon from 30 Rock carrying DharmaCrafts Pi Meditation Bench in a 2012 episode