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In the Moment: April/May 2005, Vol. 9

"Silence is the ground of happiness, communion, and oneness. We can learn to find it in all moments and things; we discover it has never been lost but is only hidden,"  writes Christina Feldman, renowned Vipassana meditation teacher and author of Silence. With all of the books written about meditation, we couldn’t think of any other book written about silence – the very essence of our practice. In this profound and beautifully written essay, long-time meditation teacher Christina Feldman encourages us to explore the vast, uncharted landscape of silence as it relates to our spiritual journey and our everyday world.


Take a few moments to enjoy Silence.

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Christina Feldman, Author of Silence
© Libby Vigeon, Rodmell Press (2003)
Author of Silence, Christina Feldman

In This Issue:

Silence by Christina Feldman

Silence is a treasure that is becoming increasingly elusive to us. We are the most affluent, successful, and powerful of all generations gone by. But we are also the busiest and perhaps the noisiest. On a cellular level we intuitively know the richness and the value of silence, yet we sadly neglect its cultivation.

Silence lies at the heart of all the great spiritual traditions and pilgrimages. It is the vehicle that encourages us to dive beneath words, ideas, chatter, and concepts to discover the unspoken truths and the unfathomable mystery of being. The variety of forms of contemplation, prayer, and meditation meet together in their reverence for the act of silence. Through them we learn to still the clamor of our hearts and the competing voices that cascade through our mind and to discover a place of profound stillness and receptivity. We soon begin to understand that silence is not a vacuum or a barren desert of the heart, but the source of creativity, love, compassion, and transforming wisdom. read more>>

Excerpted from Silence: How to Find Inner Peace in a Busy World by Christina Feldman. Copyright © 2001, 2003 by Axis Publishing. First North American paperback edition published by Rodmell Press, Berkeley, Calif. Reprinted by permission of Rodmell Press.

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What is Noise … Seclusion is no guarantee of silence

Every year countless people travel to Asian monasteries, stressed, adrift, and desperately looking for a refuge from the storms of the world and the intensity of their lives. Contrary to their expectations, they are often appalled to discover that many Asian monasteries are the noisiest places on earth. Transistor radios blare; every day seems to be a festival attended by bustling crowds of villagers; the stray dogs congregate, barking; traffic noise is incessant; and chanting is broadcast over loudspeakers. Amid all the bustle, monks and nuns attend to their meditative practice, moving serenely through the crowds, raking the paths, and focusing intently upon each step they take, each breath they breathe, and each discourse they listen to. They carry within them into each activity a visible serenity and stillness. read more>>

Excerpted from Silence: How to Find Inner Peace in a Busy World by Christina Feldman. Copyright © 2001, 2003 by Axis Publishing. First North American paperback edition published by Rodmell Press, Berkeley, Calif. Reprinted by permission of Rodmell Press.


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One Action is Better Than All Sutras by Zen Master Seung Sahn

Silence is better than holiness, so one action is better than all sutras. If you are attached to words and speech, you won't understand a melon's taste; you will only understand its outside form. If you want to understand a melon's taste, then cut a piece and put it in your mouth. A melon ripens and grows by itself, it never explains to human beings its situation and condition.

If you are attached to the sutras, you only understand Buddha's speech. If you want to attain Buddha's mind, then from moment to moment put down your opinion, condition and situation. Only help all beings. Then Buddha appears in front of you. This is enlightenment and freedom from life and death.

Excerpted from Zen Master Seung Sahn's The Whole World is a Single Flower: 365 Kong-ans for Everyday Life (Charles E. Tuttle Company, Rutland VT, 1992)

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