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The Three Levels of Spiritual  
   Perception (Book)

The Three Levels of Spiritual Perception
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The Venerable Deshung Rinpoche (1906 - 1987), was born in Tibet and came to the United States in 1960. As well as being a luminary of the Sakya tradition, Deshung Rinpoche was a non-sectarian master teaching all four traditions of Tibetan Buddhism.

Read an excerpt from this book, A Meditation on Mothers.

Here, Deshung Rinpoche thoroughly explains all the teachings and practices of The Three Visions, the ancient text which contains the preliminary instructions of the vast, complete and profound system of meditation unique to the Sakya tradition for over nine centuries known as the Lamdre ("Path with Its Result"). According to the Lamdre teachings, there are three main stages or "levels of perception" on the spiritual path: the perception of ordinary beings, the vision experienced by those who have begun meditation practice, and the pure vision of those who have attained enlightenment. These three levels are ultimately shown to be inseparable.

Deshung Rinpoche's commentary on The Three Visions is a deep contemplation on the preciousness of human life, renunciation, correct motivation, the law of karma, the six paramitas, developing bodhicitta, and the instructions for calm-abiding and insight meditation.

Because the preliminary teachings of the Lamdre are based on the sutras, they form the foundation teachings of all the Buddhist traditions, not only Tibetan Buddhism. This book will be a welcome guide for anyone interested in a complete overview of Buddhist teachings and practice.

Paper, 624 pages.


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The Three Levels of Spiritual  
   Perception  (Book)

A Commentary on the Three Visions, Second Edition

by Deshung Rinpoche
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