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Current Issue:
In the Moment, October 2006, Vol 12: The Teachings of Zen Master Seung Sahn

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Thank you so much for including the excerpt from Silence (May/June 2005 Newsletter). It helped to remind me of the profound beauty encompassed in the most simple things. But it also reminded me that, while simple, silence is also complex making intent paramount.

Yours in the Dharma,

Randy Craft


I am a new customer to DharmaCrafts, and a new subscriber to the e-newsletter. I must say I was surprised and delighted to have so much excellent material waiting for me in my mail box. I must compliment ALL on their contributions to this publication, as well as all that work that goes into producing and providing everyone with the the things that are available in your catalogue. I am unendinly glad my mother turned me on to such a wonderful community and such a helpful vendor.

Thank you,

Allison from Mount Holyoke College


This is wonderful teaching to receive monthly. I am always looking for more material to read to my biweekly free classes in Tai Chi and meditation, and I look forward to what you make available through these e-mails. Thank you for spreading dharma so freely. And it does make me want to order more incense!


Bruce Ballai
Tai Chi and meditation teacher, Omaha Tai Chi Association