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Love Letters from our customers...

Small Lotus FlowerHello,
I love your website and what it offers.

Thank you,


Small Lotus FlowerHello,
I bought some tatamis from you and I really loved them. I used them as a headboard for a bedroom with an asian flair. It looks stunning and smells great too...

Alternate use for tatami squares.

Thank you for your wonderful products.


Small Lotus FlowerTo the folks at DharmaCrafts,
I wanted to share this photo I took of the Emperor Gong hanging above our koi pond. It's a lovely accent piece for our Japanese garden — we really enjoy it!

Emperor Gong at Koi Pond.

Thank you,
Rick from MA


Small Lotus FlowerTo the wonderful people at Dharma Crafts,
I am one of the authors of Landscape as Spirit, a book which you have carried in your catalogue. I want you to know what an honor it is to be included in your catalogue. A thousand thank you's.

Sincerely yours,
Hakubai Martin Mosko


Small Lotus FlowerI thought you might enjoy seeing the far-reaching appreciation of your zafus!

Cat napping on my zafu pillow.

Best wishes,


Small Lotus FlowerDear Dharmacrafts,
Yesterday we received the order that I placed with you last Friday. I want to thank you so much for how quickly you put together the order and sent it. I've completed all the zafu and zabuton color-conversions with your shipment, and the meditation hall looks great. I thank you.

I've attached a jpg of our meditation and prayer space at the Empty Bell here in Northampton, featuring your cushions.

The Empty Bell, Northampton, MA
The Empty Bell in Northampton, MA,

- Robert

Robert A. Jonas, Director
The Empty Bell
83 Bancroft Road
Northampton, MA 01060


Small Lotus FlowerI just received the Earth Treasure Kwan Yin Scroll, and I must say it is simply beautiful. It is very well made. The brocade silk is very beautiful and the calligraphy of the Heart Sutra is very well done as well as the very subtle painting of Kwan Yin. Thank you for getting it to me so quickly.

- Bill from Earleville, MD


Small Lotus FlowerHello. I purchased a Beautiful statue of Kwan Yin last year but most recently purchased your Calligraphy fabric. When I got it, I wanted to do something special with it, so instead of just hanging it on the wall, I purchased a piece of wood an inch bigger, all around, painted it black and with antique tacks, tacked the fabric to it, and hung it above my Prayer Tansu.
Here's a pic.

Thanks so much.
Marcus Rabovsky


Small Lotus FlowerI love my Lotus Pond Wedding Screen and Lotus Pod Lamp. They are a lovely addition to my home. I had to send you a picture to show you just how nice they look.

Thank you,
- Michelle from Lowell, MA


Small Lotus FlowerI'm dropping you these lines to let you know how much I appreciate your way of doing business and the customer services you offer. I wanted to buy a bell and when I expressed my concern about the sound, you offered to play the bells to me over the phone. In order to do that you had to gather the bells from your inventory, call me back and play them for me. I was really impressed by this attitude because in our rush-rush world few people take the time to address customer's concerns to this extent. Be assured that you won a loyal customer who will spread the word among friends and family.

Harmony to all

- Robert from MA


Small Lotus Flower"Our favorite meditation supply house! What a treat to have access to another of our favorite suppliers via the site! More food for soul, spirit, body and mind. DharmaCrafts has provided us with many terrific products over the years - from cushions to tables, incense and more. We have never been disappointed with a product."

-Nokomist from GA


Small Lotus FlowerDear Dharma Friends,
I just want to let you know that my incense order arrived today and that I am very pleased. Aaaaah, wonderful products.

Thank you,


Small Lotus FlowerDear Dharmacrafts,
I just received my order - the orange agate 108 bead mala - and wanted to let you know how delighted I am with it. This is the first mala I've purchased, and I'm very pleased with the weight and construction. It is a thing of beauty, and I thank you for sending it to me! Many thanks also for the bookmarks which came as a free gift for ordering via the Internet. They, too, are nicely constructed. I'm a graduate student and therefore I use bookmarks all the time; these will serve to remind me of my practice, and of mindfulness.

Best regards,


Small Lotus FlowerI'm simply writing to tell you how pleased I am with my order, and to say thank you for such a nice gift. The paper mantra hangings are lovely.



Small Lotus FlowerKuan Yin is very much at home on my altar.

Thank you,


Small Lotus FlowerI truly enjoy each time I call DharmaCrafts! Each person I have spoken with has always been exceptionally helpful and polite! I never call with a simple order --no, not me-- I always have a number of questions as well. The staff at DharmaCrafts answer any and all of my questions, even when I am vague and inquire about "'that' incense, you know the one, it's kind of green, or is it brown?" For all that you do and for the manner in which you do what you do so well, thank you so much!

- Shel


Small Lotus FlowerA while back, I ordered your free catalog and I got it yestarday. WOW! Was I ever pleasantly suprised. I love the layout and all the nice photos.
I guess it's become my wishbook for the entire year. My husband has his sailboat catalogs.. I have your catalog. (grinning) Thank you very much for sending it to me.

Your's truly,


Small Lotus FlowerDear DharmaCrafts,
I just received the wonderful package you sent for the fledgeling practice at Pleasant Valley State Prison. They're going to be, I think Joyful is the word. Thank you so much!