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Large Sakura Pendant Necklace 

Large Sakura Pendant Necklace
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Kristina Kada's art studio rests amid the quiet redwoods in the mountains of Santa Cruz. Inspired by her surroundings, her Japanese heritage, and the many shapes found in botanical forms and architecture, Kristina layers simple elements in repetition to build up richly textured patterns and produce interesting forms. Her classic jewelry techniques employ steel stakes, saw piercing and a hydraulic press to meld freehand elements with original castings.

A single, large silver sakura (cherry blossom) contrasts with an organically shaped, concave, oval disc resulting in a pendant that is simply stunning. Cherry blossoms symbolize the fleeting, transient beauty of life and the passing nature of all things. A mix of oxidized sterling silver and matte sterling silver, the necklace is a study in light and shadow. It conveys the beauty that may be found in the harmony and the wonderful contrasts of the natural world. The pendant hangs from a charcoal, hand-dyed and hand-woven, adjustable kumihimo cord (see copy below for details and care).

Oxidized sterling silver pendant with matte sterling accents is 1 1/2" w x 1 1/4" l and includes the artist's special signature stamp on the back. Adjustable cord is 29" l. Made in the USA.

Close-up of hand woven, hand-dyed kumihimo cord

About the Kumihimo Cord
Each silk necklace cord is hand-dyed and woven into an intricate braid on a wooden, tabletop loom. This technique honors the centuries-old traditional Japanese craft called kumihimo. This is the same technique used for decorative cording on kimonos, samurai sword handles, and the cords for hanging netsuke. The cord ends are finished with sterling silver accents. Due to the size of the finished ends, the kumihimo cord may not be interchanged with another cord or chain without damage.

Care of your Kumihimo Cord
Treat the cord as you would a silk garment. Avoid getting the cord wet as much as possible (do not wear in the shower). If necessary, you may hand wash the cord with cold water and a drop of silk detergent. Rinse and completely dry before wearing.


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Large Sakura Pendant Necklace 

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