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Japanese Hand Hammered Gongs 

Japanese Hand Hammered Gongs
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(Shown with Rin Gong, 3" diameter.)

Japanese Hammered Gong, 6" - #3041
Japanese Hammered Gong - #3046

Settle into the present moment. Deep, calm, resonant tones distinguish these finest quality Japanese gongs from all others. Known as "calm" gongs by the Japanese, they resonate at a slow frequency, recognized to have a centering effect upon the listener. The timbre or tone quality is rich, sonorous, and settled. Made in Japan of brass and other metals. Each gong comes with a silk brocade cushion and leather striker, and is stamped with the Kanji character, "touchi", meaning hand hammered.


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Japanese Hand Hammered Gongs 

$369.00 - $1499.00
Please choose a Size
#3041  6" dia. x 4 1/2" h - $369.00
#3046  11 3/4" dia. x 8 3/4" h - $1,499.00

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