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Thousand Arm Kannon Statue 

Thousand Arm Kannon Statue
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Kannon is the Japanese name for Kuan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Kannon means "she who watches and hears" the sound of suffering beings. With her thousand eyes and hands, Kannon swiftly fulfills her vow to save all beings. The Thousand Arm Kannon (Senjyu Kannon, Jpn.) is one of the principal representations of this bodhisattva in Japanese Buddhism. Statue is cast in resin, finished with bronze patina and air brushed with soft colors to enhance the exquisite detail of her elaborate iconography.

9 1/2" w x 3 1/4" dia. x 12 1/2" h


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Thousand Arm Kannon Statue