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Smokeless Incense 

Smokeless Incense
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Our Kobunboku incenses are made by Baieido, Japan's oldest incense manufacturer. The company was established in 1657 during the Edo Shogunate, and has continued to make the very finest Japanese incense to the present day. The secret of Baieido's longevity exists in their business philosphy, "Use the best material in the world." We hope you will enjoy this traditional Japanese incense.

This smokeless Japanese incense, Bikou Kobunboku, has a lovely fragrance which is lighter and more delicate than the other Kobunboku incenses. Ideal for meditation, yoga, teacher or temple gifts. Because it burns at a higher temperature than regular incense, only a tiny amount of smoke is produced. Good for those with allergies or respiratory sensitivities. Box holds Approx. 200 incense sticks of 5-1/2". Burn time: Approx. 20-25 mins. per stick.


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Smokeless Incense 

5.5", 200 sticks, loose box

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