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Roll Up and Go Yoga Mat, Eco 

Roll Up and Go Yoga Mat, Eco
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Choose from an array of bright colors

Note: Catalog photo shows Yoga Mat with our Buckwheat Support Cushion (sold separately).

An updated version of our Classic Yoga Mat — with certified organic, low-impact dyed cotton covers in an array of bright colors! Also available in Extra Long.

You won't find a better designed yoga mat anywhere. Our yoga mat is portable. It can be rolled up like a sleeping bag, then tied closed and carried away by a handle sewn right into the seam. Constructed of two layers of cotton batting inside a hand-tufted muslin shell, it has a zippered 9 oz. certified organic cotton cover that can be removed easily for washing. The organic cotton cover is colored using eco-friendly, low-impact dyes in an array of new colors to brighten your yoga space.

Because it is so portable, our yoga mat also makes a great sleeping mat to take with you on retreat. Great for restorative yoga.

Approx. 9 lbs. 70" l x 25" w x 2" h

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Roll Up and Go Yoga Mat, Eco 
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Lying Posture
Lying Posture

Organic Buckwheat Support Cushion
Organic Buckwheat Support Cushion

Extra Long Roll Up and Go Yoga Mat, Eco
Extra Long Roll Up and Go Yoga Mat, Eco