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Tibetan Splendor Buckwheat  
   Hull Zafu

Tibetan Splendor Buckwheat Hull Zafu
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Colored like precious jewels of deep burgundy and gold, our Tibetan Splendor cushions will transform your meditation space while you transform your mind. In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, red is the color of fire and connotes the transformation of desire and attachment into discriminating wisdom. Yellow, the color of the earth, symbolizes groundedness and equanimity. It represents the transmutation of pride and self-importance into the wisdom of equality.

A breakthrough in comfort! Introduced in 1996, the Buckwheat Hull Zafu is our best-selling product. While still providing all the support of a traditional kapok-filled zafu, the Zippered Buckwheat Hull Zafu conforms more readily to each individual's shape. It's like sitting on sand at the beach -- the hulls are distributed beneath you, just as you want them.

  • Cover: Zippered 9 oz. 100% cotton twill. Concealed zipper allows you to remove cover for easy washing. Carrying handle.
  • Filling: Approx. 4 1/2 lbs. buckwheat hulls enclosed in zippered inner shell making it easy to add/remove buckwheat.
  • Dimensions: 15" dia., 5 1/2" h

15" dia., 5 1/2" h

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Tibetan Splendor Buckwheat  
   Hull Zafu
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