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Tsa'tsa Statue, Manjushri 

Tsa'tsa Statue, Manjushri
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Tsa'tsas (pron. za-zas) are traditional relief images of Buddhist deities and are used in Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice. They are sacred objects because they represent the various forms of the Buddha. Looking upon a tsa'tsa is thought to purify the mind, remove obstacles and bestow merit. Tsa'tsas may also be given to those who are ill and dedicated to the deceased.

Manjushri is the bodhisattva of awakened intelligence. In his right hand, he holds the flaming sword of compassion which cuts through desire, attachment, and ignorance. In his left hand, he holds The Perfection of Wisdom (Heart Sutra) teachings on emptiness, or the non-dual nature of ultimate reality.

The Manjushri tsa'tsa statue is handcrafted of durable resin and finished with a warm cream colored glaze that resembles antique ivory. Made in the USA.

3 1/4" w x 1 3/4" d x 4" h


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Tsa'tsa Statue, Manjushri