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Green Tara Singing Bowls 

Green Tara Singing Bowls
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About Green Tara:
Green Tara embodies the the feminine aspect of wisdom expressed through enlightened activity of all the Buddhas. She is the protectoress from fear and mental obscurations.

Green Tara Singing Bowl, 6" - #3065
Green Tara Singing Bowl, 5" - #3066

Easy to play and with a very fine sound, this singing bowl from Nepal is cast from the five healing metals — copper, brass, bronze, silver, and zinc. It is beautifully decorated inside and out. The outside of the bowl is patterned with the mantra of Green Tara. An exquisite relief carving of Green Tara adorns the inside of the bowl. Comes with wood striker.

Approximately 6" dia., 3" h

6" Bowl: Approximately 6" dia., 3" h
5" Bowl: Approximately 5" dia., 2 1/2" h

Green Tara Singing Bowl shown with Sage Brocade Cushion
We recommend our Sage Brocade Singing Bowl Cushion for use with your bowl (sold separately). Photo depicts the 6" bowl with our 7" cushion.

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Green Tara Singing Bowls 

$89.00 - $94.00
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#3065  6" dia., 3" h - $94.00
#3066  5" dia., 2 1/2" h - $89.00

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