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Peaceful Death, Joyful  
   Rebirth (paperback) (Book)

Peaceful Death, Joyful Rebirth (paperback)
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Tulku Thondup wrote this guide to help us heal our fear and confusion about death and strengthen our practice in anticipation of this transition. In simple language, he cites a vast range of scriptural sources, commentaries, and teachings. This book gives an overview of the dying process, the after-death bardo states, and the teachings on rebirth.

Tulko Thorndup teaches ways to train our minds during life so that we will be prepared at death. He offers simple meditations, prayers and rituals to benefit the dead and dying, as well as advice for caregivers, helpers, and survivors. Those who work in the healing professions will find this book an especially valuable guide.

Paperback, 352 pages.


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Peaceful Death, Joyful  
   Rebirth (paperback)  (Book)

A Tibetan Buddhist Guidebook

by Tulku Thondup
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