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The Three Commitments  (CD)

The Three Commitments
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The Three Commitments - 102CD

This very special study course is a complete retreat where Pema Chödrön shares three of the Buddha's essential instructions on the path of liberation:

  • The Pratimoksha (Refuge) vows - how we can find personal liberation through the inner work of letting go
  • The Bodhisattva Vow - the way of genuine compassionate service to others
  • The Tantric Vows - how to accept impermanence with true equanimity and experience the underlying stillness from which all worldly forms arise.

Through her practical instruction and accessible interpretation of ancient Buddhist teachings, Pema helps listeners discover how each of these vows is not a burden or restriction, but rather a guiding beacon on the path to liberation. Seven CD course includes 2 CDs of complete training sessions in tonglen and shamatha meditation.

7 CDs with 14-page study guide, 7 3/4 hours.


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The Three Commitments   (CD)

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