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Classic Buckwheat Support  

Classic Buckwheat Support Cushion
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Support Cushions — Customized Comfort

There is no better way to customize your comfort! Whether you need added height, cushioning under your knees when sitting in the cross-legged position, or cushioning under your ankles or hands — our variety of support cushions will provide additional comfort and flexibility.

Buckwheat Support Cushion — Colors Coordinate with Classic Cushions

This 16" x 12" x 4" rectangular cushion is one of our most versatile cushions! It includes a zippered cover for easy washing.

Who might like using a buckwheat support cushion:

  • Many very flexible meditators enjoy sitting on this instead of a zafu!
  • Tall meditators who need added height can put this under a buckwheat zafu.
  • Less flexible meditators, whose knees do not touch the ground when sitting in a crossed-legged position, enjoy extra support by placing this cushion under a knee or thigh.
Use a Buckwheat Support Cushion under your zafu

Use a Buckwheat Support Cushion under your knees

Product Details

  • 16" x 12" x 4"
  • Stuffed with 3 lbs of buckwheat hulls inside a muslin lining.
  • Zippered cover is made of 100% cotton, 10 oz. duck and may be removed for washing.
  • Use by itself or with our Buckwheat Zafu, Zabuton, Square Support Cushion, or Whatever Cushion for customized Comfort.

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Classic Buckwheat Support  
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Organic Buckwheat Support Cushion
Organic Buckwheat Support Cushion