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Frequently Asked Questions

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Cushions FAQs

What is kapok? How do I choose between a buckwheat-filled zafu and a kapok zafu?

Kapok is a soft natural fiber from the Kapok tree which is found in Thailand and Indonesia. Naturally silky and resilient, it is the traditional stuffing for sitting cushions. more...

Does DharmaCrafts make custom cushions?

Yes, we can make a cushion to your size specifications. We can usually fulfill your order within 1-2 weeks. Please call us at 866.339.4198 for pricing and estimated delivery time. Custom orders are non-returnable.

Is your Zafu and Zabuton Set available with a kapok-filled Zafu?

If you prefer a kapok filled Zafu, you will need to order your Zafu and Zabuton separately and not as a set. The kapok Zafu is very labor intensive to create and because of the higher cost of production we are unable to offer it as part of the discounted Zafu and Zabuton Set.

Tell me about your exclusive Ikat fabrics.

Ikat is handwoven coth that has been resist dyed prior to the weaving process. In Japan, this technique is known as kasuri. Before dyeing, sections of yarn are tightly bound in predetermined lengths. more...

How can I clean my Zafu or Zabuton?

It is our honor to make the cushions that will accompany you on your spiritual journey. Your DharmaCrafts cushions were made in our own workshop in Lawrence, Massachusetts by a small, dedicated staff of trained craftspeople. Made from premium materials, with double-stitched seams and careful assembly, you can expect your cushions to last a lifetime (or two!).

Cushion Care Instructions

  • Zippered covers are washable! Remove zippered cover.
    • The inner shell that holds the buckwheat hulls or cotton batting, is NOT washable. Buckwheat hulls and cotton batting should not get wet.
    • Our kapok filled cushions do not have a zippered cover but can be "spot" cleaned.
  • Machine wash zippered covers separately in COLD water, gentle cycle.
  • Be sure NOT to overload washing machine. Allow enough space for the water to circulate evenly among the covers, ensuring that they will look as good after washing as they did when they were new!
  • Hang covers to dry. Do NOT use dryer. Cotton will shrink in dryer.
  • Iron on cotton setting.
  • Environmentally friendly dry-cleaning is also recommended!
  • As with all fine fabrics, avoid direct sunlight. All fabrics will fade over time.

Printable Meditation Cushion Care Instructions (opens as PDF)

Which meditation cushion (or bench) is right for me?

Go to: buckwheat Zafu, kapok zafu, meditation benches, support cushions

People who want to meditate come in all shapes and sizes. DharmaCrafts offers a wide selection of meditation cushions, support cushions, and benches. The guide below will help you make the best choice when buying your cushion so that you can sit — and keep sitting — in comfort and with confidence. more...

My pet had an accident on my Zabuton. Can I get a replacement insert?

Yes! We sell replacement inserts for both our zabutons and buckwheat zafus. To order, please call Customer Service at 1-866-339-4198.

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