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Jumbo Zafu Zabuton Set,  

Jumbo Zafu Zabuton Set, Classic
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New — Zafu Zabuton Set with Jumbo Zabuton!
Ideal for long-legged meditators over 6 feet tall.

Quality meditation cushions are an important, once-in-a-lifetime investment for every serious meditator. Purchase a matching solid- color buckwheat zafu (pronounced za' - foo) and our jumbo size zabuton (pronounced za' - bu - tawn) as a set and save. A $168 value for only $159, a $9 savings!. The Jumbo ZZSET makes a great gift!

Available in the following colors...
Zafu Zabuton Set Colors

About our Buckwheat Zafu/Meditation Cushion:

Buckwheat hulls provide proper support with no break-in period — feels like sitting on sand!

A breakthrough in comfort! When we introduced the Buckwheat Hull Zafu (pron. zah'-foo) in 1996, we knew this cushion provided an astonishing improvement in comfort. Today, it is our bestselling product. While still providing all the support of a traditional kapok-filled zafu, the Buckwheat Hull Zafu conforms more readily to each individual's shape and is somewhat softer. It is like sitting on sand at the beach — the hulls move to where you want them.

  • Cover: Durable, zippered, 10 oz. 100% cotton duck fabric. Removable for easy washing. Carrying handle.
  • Filling: Approx. 4 1/2 lbs. buckwheat hulls enclosed in a zippered muslin shell making it easy to add/remove buckwheat.
  • Dimensions: 15" dia., 5 1/2" h

About our Jumbo Zabuton/Meditation Mat:

Years of Zen Center living have gone into the design of this mat (pron. zah'-bu-tawn). Twelve pounds of cotton batting are stuffed into a muslin cover and tufted in four places to form a permanent inner cushion. A snug-fitting zippered cover made from durable 10 oz. 100% cotton duck fabric is slipped over the inner cushion and tufted in the center for a finished look. No need to replace the entire zabuton if the cover becomes soiled. Simply clip the center tuft and remove the cover. All covers are washable (in cold water and line dry or dry clean) and new covers may be ordered.

36" l x 28" w x 4" h.

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Jumbo Zafu Zabuton Set,  

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