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Awakening Is Real  (CD)

Awakening Is Real
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Awakening Is Real - 0013CD

Jack Kornfield has chosen these eight essential teachings especially for advanced meditation students. You will explore the archetypal stages of awakening common to all transformative paths and learn how to overcome its greatest obstacles; how the universal virtues of the warrior — such as courage, strength, sacrifice, and impeccability — are as valuable for freeing ourselves as kindness and compassion; the profound insights hidden within well-known teaching stories, and more. Discover within yourself what Jack Kornfield's own teacher Ajahn Chah called "the still forest pool that sees the nature of all things."

8 CDs, 6 hours and 53 minutes


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Awakening Is Real   (CD)

A Guide to the Deeper Dimensions of the Inner Jour

by Jack Kornfield
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