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Developing a daily meditation practice can be quite challenging, even for the most committed practitioner. In this issue of In the Moment we’ll introduce you to a DharmaCrafts customer who has brought meditation practice into his workplace – a large law firm. Also included are two articles, originally seen in Shambhala Sun Magazine, that offer refreshing back-to-basics perspectives on daily practice. After reading this issue of our newsletter, we hope you’ll feel inspired to begin or to continue with your daily meditation practice.


In This Issue:


Meditation in the Workplace – Lawyers Become Cool, Calm, Collected
DharmaCrafts’ customer Bob Zeglovitch teaches meditation at his law firm

(based on a conversation with DharmaCrafts’ President, Dyan Eagles)

It’s 7:45 AM and the business district of Minneapolis is just awakening. As the din of the morning rush hour slowly mounts in the street below, an atmosphere of stillness pervades the law offices of Leonard, Street and Deinard. In a small conference room at this prestigious firm, seventeen litigation and business attorneys sit silently, cross-legged on the floor, breathing softly. read more>>

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Three Aspects of Sitting Meditation
By Ezra Bayda

This article appeared originally in the Shambhala Sun magazine (

By continually allowing the light of awareness to shine on the confusion and anxiety of the present moment, we break the circuitry of our conditioning. This is the path to freedom.

I used to approach sitting, and especially retreats, with the idea that meditation was supposed to make me feel a special way. Often, I just wanted to be free from anxiety. As a consequence, I rarely had a clear idea of what sitting was really about. Even now, when I'm no longer trying to feel some special way from sitting, I still find it helpful occasionally to reorient myself to exactly what I'm doing in my sitting practice. read more>> 

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Personal Practice
By Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

This article appeared originally in the Shambhala Sun magazine (

There is a trio of activities that lead to enlightenment. The first activity is hearing or contemplating the teachings of the Buddha. The second is meditating. The third is acting with wisdom and compassion. After hearing the dharma and becoming familiar with it through contemplation and meditation, we are able to take compassion as the basis of our daily activity. read more>>

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This month’s DharmaBum, Lee from Pittsburgh, describes his powerful experience at a meeting of the Three Rivers Dharma Center...

I was first introduced to Buddhism through the Tibetan tradition, and, although I consider myself a follower of Mahayana Vipassana, I still incorporate many aspects of Tibetan culture and style into my meditation practices. Although I am a believer in the "universal sangha" philosophy - the idea of embracing the whole Buddhist universe as my spiritual community - I occasionally experiment with dharma centers around my area. read more>>

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The DharmaBum is a monthly travel feature that highlights dharma centers throughout the world. Please share your personal experience at a dharma center you have visited, the dharma center you call home base, or a retreat place by writing a 500-2500 word essay. If your story is selected for our monthly newsletter, we will send you a $100 gift certificate to DharmaCrafts and provide a link on our website to the dharma center in your story. For information on how to submit your story to The DharmaBum, click here.

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