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In The Moment

In this holiday issue of In the Moment we explore the topic of peace – a universal theme for this season of light.

Joseph Goldstein’s article, "Three Means to Peace," asks the penetrating question, “Is it possible to hold differences of view in a larger context of unity rather than in conflict and hostility?” His words address the very heart of Buddhist practice and how it contributes to peace, not only in our everyday life and relationships, but also in the larger context of world peace.

Take a few moments to enjoy Peace – our gift to you during this holiday season.

In Lovingkindness,
The folks at DharmaCrafts


In This Issue:

Three Means to Peace
By Joseph Goldstein

This article appeared originally in the Shambhala Sun magazine (

A central question confronting spiritual life today is how we can best respond to the tremendous conflicts and uncertainties of these times. The war on terror, the seemingly intractable violence of the Middle East, poverty and disease, racism, the degradation of the environment, and the problems in our own personal lives, all call us to ask: What is the source of this great mass of suffering? What are the forces in the world that drive intolerance, violence and injustice? Are there forces that hold the promise of peace? Do we really understand the nature of fear and hatred, envy and greed? Do we know how to cultivate love and kindness, energy and wisdom? more>>

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Holiday Dana: Worthy causes need your support
DANA is the Pali word for generosity and is one of the most important Buddhist virtues. Dana is giving with generosity of spirit, without coveting or desiring any reward or recognition for our giving. The holiday season reminds us to invoke our "generous mind."

We have selected a few of our favorite charitable organizations to inspire you to practice the tradition of Dana. Please take a moment to visit their websites or the websites of your favorite charities. Click here for our list of worthy causes.

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