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Insight Meditation (24 CDs) 

Insight Meditation (24 CDs)
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Insight Meditation (24 CDs) - 026CD
Guided by Sharon Salzberg and Jospeh Goldstein, two world renowned vipassana teachers, you will learn fundamental techniques for developing awareness, compassion, and equanimity. Based on the curriculum developed at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, this in-depth meditation course offers:
  • 12 months of personal instruction by correspondence with your own meditation teacher at IMS.
  • 24 CDs with over 17 hours of dharma teachings, practices and guided meditations in twelve sequential lessons taught by Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein.
  • 88 page workbook with supporting material for each lesson, glossaries, informative articles, reading and resource lists and exercises for you to complete and return to your meditation instructor.


LESSON 1: The insight tradition; how happiness arises; the power of mindfulness; the five precepts for ethical living; six aspects of correct posture; eight breathing exercises.
LESSON 2: "Bare attention" and awareness in the present moment; working with thoughts during practice; traditional walking meditation — "mindfulness in motion"; seven walking meditations.
LESSON 3: The five hindrances to mindfulness; understanding attachment to desire and aversion; "working with Pain."
LESSON 4: Working with sleepiness, restlessness, and doubt; the antidotes to the hindrances; Mara, the tempter; four exercises for working with hindrances.
LESSON 5: Concepts and reality; myths of time, place, and self; six exercises for mindful eating; the roots of mind; "wrong view."
LESSON 6: The truth of suffering; painful experience, change, and conditionality; seven exercises for working with emotional states; the Four Noble Truths.
LESSON 7: How we create delusion; "wise attention" and freedom from delusion; "clear seeing"; working with thoughts and images; exercises for recognizing delusion.
LESSON 8: The awakened mind; karma defined; intention and action; self and karma; the Four Heavenly Abodes; the Six Realms of Existence; seven exercises for working with intention.
LESSON 9: Equanimity as a spiritual force; conditioning, pleasure, and pain; the Eight Vicissitudes; the Six Sense Doors; eight exercises for working with pleasant and unpleasant feelings.
LESSON 10: Saddha; the nature of faith and wisdom; the five spiritual powers; testing faith yourself; "Big Mind" exercise.
LESSON 11: Metta, or lovingkindness; distortion of "self" and "other"; strength without anger; benefits of lovingkindness; eight metta exercises.
LESSON 12: Bringing meditative awareness into your everyday life; lessons of daily sitting; the three fields of training; eight exercises for taking practice to the world.

If you always wanted to sit a long meditation retreat but were prevented by life's circumstances, here is a way to bring the teachings and practice right into your own home.

Workbook 11" x 9" x 2 3/8"; 24 CDs, 17 hours


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Insight Meditation (24 CDs) 

An In-Depth Correspondence Course

by Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein
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