Zafu Meditation Pillow

Your kapok or buckwheat filled meditation cushion is so much more than an ergonomic tool. Over time, it becomes your beloved companion! That’s why making quality zafu cushions is so important to DharmaCrafts. Since 1979 we have handcrafted the finest meditation cushions available. Our small, dedicated staff of trained craftspeople pay close attention to fine detail. Premium materials, double-stitched seams, and careful assembly result in a superior meditation cushion. Proudly handcrafted in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

The vast majority of our customers prefer our best-selling buckwheat hull zafu pillow which molds and shapes to your posture. It requires no break-in period and feels like you’re sitting on sand at the beach! You may sit on it cross legged or turn it on its side and sit on your knees in the “seiza” position.

For those meditators who prefer a very firm and slightly higher seat, we make a kapok filled zafu cushion. Kapok is a soft, hypoallergenic, mold and mildew resistant, natural fiber. We stuff the kapok zafu by hand, resulting in a firm and hard meditation cushion that requires a break-in period.

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